Monday, September 27, 2010

Penis enlargement diet: What to eat for better sex?

Sex diet male enhancementThe libido of any man is directly dependent on his health. The need for sex, the willingness to love and the capacity to enjoy life cannot be fully expressed and felt without a state of near perfect health.

Stress and illness impar the function of the nervous system to which one could also add the negative impact of disorderly eating habits and stimulants, such as coffee, cigarettes, tea, chocolate, alcohol and recreational drugs. All these lifestyle choices weigh down on the libido and leave men unable to enjoy sex and frustrated in their sex lives.

To change this and to bring back the thrill of good sex, one must clamp down on some of these lifestyle choices and make some adjustments to the daily schedule. Stimulants are good, but one should never use them to excess. If you’re eating chocolate, skip coffee and tea for the day and try to fewer cigarettes and to drink fewer glasses of wine or beer.

Alcohol and cigarettes are well-known for hampering the flow of blood through the body and decreasing the frequency of spontaneous erections, which, in turn, makes it harder for men to perform in bed.

Food choices are also highly important for sex. If your evening meal is usually rich in steaks, drinks and deserts, then your libido will retire right after dinner and leave you and your partner frustrated. High fat meals lower the levels of testosterone in the body, thus depressing the libido and making erections and ejaculation harder to achieve.

Men should also avoid hormonally enhanced meat and dairy products because of the high content of estrogen. These substances have a dramatic negative impact on the levels of testosterone produced by the male body. Instead, men would do well to choose organic foods whenever these are available.

Some very good foods for men are fish (especially tuna, salmon, herring and mackerel) chicken, beans, turkey, nuts, seeds and lentils. These foods are loaded with arginine, the amino acid that plays a crucial role in the release of hormones and the dilation of blood vessels which trigger the erection. Other foods containing arginine are wheat germ, granola, oatmeal, cottage cheese and shrimp. Men also need a lot of zinc in their daily diet.

Zinc helps the production of sperm and preserves the proper motility of the sperm. The best sources of zinc are raw oysters and most other seafood products, pumkin and sunflower seeds, peas, beans and liver. Nutrition and exercise are very important for men.

Anything that is good for the muscles and cardiovascular system is good for the sex life, which means that working out and careful eating should be on every man’s list of priorities. If you like sex and if you want to enjoy it for a long time still, then you should make sure that your body can keep up with the physical effort required by this delightful pastime.

Exercising a couple of times a week is not that hard, while including a couple of foods in your daily diet cannot harm you. Try this combination of arginine and zinc rich food coupled with regular exercising and you’ll be surprised with the results.

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