Sunday, September 26, 2010

How does an erection work?

mans penisFew sensations in life are better than being sexually stimulated and having our penis jump to life at a fully erect status ready to probe, thrust, and penetrate whatever it is that is making us excited. But how does this all happen?

When you get an erection ? your two cylinders of your corpus cavernosa fill with blood. This blood is pumped in under great pressure making you feel hard as a rock.

In order to stay that way, a series of valves close down to lock in the blood. The blood flows into the penis from two arteries that come from the aorta.

During sexual stimulation the arteries supplying the penis with blood dilate and large amounts of blood rush into the erectile tissue. The blood is trapped because the vessels draining the penis become compressed. The penis stays this way until ejaculation or until the male is no longer stimulated.

The penis is enormously sensitive on the glans (head) and on the underside. When it is engorged with blood, this sensitivity is taken to the max. The friction of the walls of the vagina, a hand, a mouth, a tight anus, or any other body part or device that rubs up against the nerve endings and stimulate them causes an enormously pleasurable sensation.

As the pleasurable sensation builds it ultimately causes an ejaculation or climax where the sperm is projected and propelled through the urethra and beyond the penis.


One male ejaculation contains as much as 100 to 550 million sperm cells. It takes about an hour to travel from the neck of the womb to the last bend in the fallopian tube, and a sperm cell can survive from 3 to 5 days.

After the ejaculation, the heart slows down the pumping of blood to the penis. As a result, the arteries are not as dilated and the valves holding the blood decompress. The blood returns to other parts of your system, and the penis becomes flaccid until it is stimulated again.

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