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So how does penis enlargement work?

penis enlargement workPenis enlargement is not a new idea in the world; almost every society on the face of the earth, as far back as there have been humans, human culture has sought a way to increase sexual pleasure. As humanity advanced, the fertility cultures also began to rise, and become popular.

Penis size became associated with masculinity, success, power, and so on, which influenced the rest of the world, and soon, most of the world’s cultures began searching for a way to increase the size of the penis. The first penis pump was believed to have been invented in the early 1800′s, by Sean Di Ciccio.

The late Margaret Mead, a famous anthropologist and researcher, revealed that many Polynsian tribes had methods of lengthening the penis as well. They had created flexible tubes with plant fiber, and positioning them around the penis, then using heavy object on the other side to stretch it.

While this might seem brutal, and medically inferior to our ways today, it worked, ?the general theory of penis enlargement whether by using a device, or using a pump, is all about stretching the spongey, flexible tissue in the penis.

Basically, these methods force the tissue in the penis to respond by stretching, and expanding the tissue. When the tissue is successfully expanded, the penis is then able to hold more blood during erection, thus achieving the primary goal of making the penis larger. When this technique is used safely, and done correctly, penis enlargement does occur.

The most popular way to achieve permanent penis size increase is what is now considered “natural penis enlargement“.

Basically, the penis has three main anatomical sections; the corpora cavernosa, ?the two large chambers on the top, and the small chamber on the bottom, the corpus spongisum.

When a man achieves erection, blood circulates to the penis, and the largest of these chambers fill with blood; the smaller section, the corpus songisum is the chamber of the penis that the body uses for urination and ejaculation.

Meanwhile, the two larger sections, the corpora cavernosa, are the two main sections of the penis holding blood, ?ninety percent of all the blood is stored here during an erection. Basically, this means that unless the tissue within the penis is stretched, or enlarged, then the penis is not likely to suddenly become larger through any other means, ?the size of these two chambers determines the size of the penis. So the only certain method of increasing penis size, is increasing the size of your corpora cavernosa.

This can be done through the dedicated use of pills, pumps, devices, exercises, and other padung tribe penis enlargementtechniques. Many people instead prefer to rely on surgery, though naturally enlarging the penis is both safer, and practical for maximum size and development. The science behind this method of penis enlargement is used in modern plastic surgery.

So you might wonder how this is done; we’ll explain. Using the process of skin, muscle and tissue regeneration, doctors are available tp cover burns, hair loss, and other types of skin defects. Tissue regeneration has also been used in orthopedic surgery with success, during attempts to elongate, and enlarge the midsections of large bones, of the phalanges.

These principles are by no means a new discovery; ancient cultures around the world have been using these techniques to enlarge or elongate different body parts. One example is the giraffe women of the Padauang Tribe, located in Burma, or the lips, and ears of some tribes Amazonian, and African tribes.

With a modern spin on these techniques, the SizeGenetics Extender can enlarge your penis, using the most natural theory of enlargement!

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