Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5 (ancient) techniques to quickly improve your love making skills

I know you’ve heard it a million times… “It’s not the size of boat, it’s the motion of the ocean”. But it’s true. You can so many other things with your penis while making love than just your average coming and going.

Ancient sexual texts instruct that a couple should be aware of their movements during love-making and should try to manifest them as artistically as possible. This helps to focus the minds and emotions of the partners, enabling the channeling of energy and the transformation of ecstasy into the visions of unity.

I encourage the techniques to be used in a playful and gentle manner to spice up your love life. Of course, improv and originality is always welcomed in bed.

The Kama Sutra, describe distinct movements of the penis during love-making to improve sensation. I’ve compiled them into the following:


The penis is held by the hand and turned and “churned” around in the vagina.


The vagina is lowered, and the upper part of it is then struck with the penis.

Giving a blow

The penis is removed completely from the vagina and then brought back to quickly penetrate it deeply.

Sporting a sparrow

This is when the penis is deep in the vagina and is moved up and down repeatedly, without being taken out. You should use this when she’s close to climaxing. Doing this will create a void which will increase blood flow to her G-spot intensifying her orgasm tenfold.

Penis conditioning

Proper penis enhancement techniques not only enlarge your sex tool but also improve sexual stamina, improve the vascularity of the penis (which means that you’ll feel your penis strong, plump, full of blood and engorged),? intensifies orgasms and of course boost self confidence because you’ll be walking around ladies knowing you could make them scream and moan in bed.

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