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Worried about impotence aka erectile dysfunction?

Impotence erectile dysfunctionImpotence, also known more commonly as erectile dysfunction, is a very common male ailment. Basically, erectile dysfunction is when the process of achieving full arousal, and a lasting erection becomes difficult, or even impossible.

The causes can be physical, mental, or emotional. To understand each of these causes, one has to understand have happens during an erection.

Erection is achieved when enough blood is pumped into, then held, inside the penis, creating a solid shaft. There are various reasons and causes for this process to become interrupted, and believe it or not, stress is one of the top causes of erectile dysfunction. The methods of treatment are just as varied as the causes.

Emotional and mental impotence is a direct cause of negative self-image, stress, and just general thoughts and feelings that cause failure of erection and penetration. The placebo effect is especially efficient in cases of psychological impotence; i.e., if you believe treatment is working, and have faith in your ability to perform, then you’re already successful.

Impotency, and ED is often tied closely with social ideals of male potency, success, and the masculine image of men; ED/Impotency, can cause massive psychological emasculation, and many negative emotional results. Many of the feelings caused by ED, such as guilt, or inadequacy, are unecessary; in most cases, ED/Impotency is treatable, and a good portion is treatable, as well as curable, often without the aid of medication, or prescribed drugs.

Although impotence tends to be more common in the over 40-year-old age group, it can affect men of all ages. Studies have shown that:

Most men aged 40 to 70 years (52%) suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction.One out of ten men suffer from complete erectile dysfunction, i.e., inability to achieve erection at all.Erectile dysfunction is often caused by physical problems, many of which are easily treated, or resolved.

ED is mostly associated with average age. 39% of men aged 40 suffer from ED while 67% of men aged 70 and above suffer from ED. The most common physical causes of old age erectile dysfunctions are:

Weariness, stress, sleeplessness, etc., all of which have physical responses in the body.

Brain or spinal-cord injuriesOveruse of alcohol, or tobacco, and in some cases drugs, whether prescription or recreational.Hypogonadism (which leads to lower testosterone levels)Liver or kidney failureMultiple sclerosisParkinson’s diseaseRadiation therapy to the testiclesStrokeSome types of prostate or bladder surgeryHigh blood pressureHigh blood sugarHardening of the arteries.

There is also a likelihood that your erectile dysfunction problems are due to some form of medication that you are using. In a case like this, your doctor may be able to change your medication.

Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by psychological reasons namely:

Feelings of depression.One feeling overly self-conscious, or insecure to an extent that sexual intercourse is no longer enjoyable.Thoughts, or paranoia concerning a partners reactions, and interpreting them as negative or disappointed in your performance.Feeling anxious about sex, maybe because of an awful experience or because of a previous incident of impotence.Feeling stressed out, including pressure from work, family life, or personal problems.
Being worried about your relationship with your partner.

Treatments and Tips

There are various ways in which to treat impotence. One of the treatments is psychosexual therapy. In psychotherapy, the man and his partner are provided with techniques or exercises to help them restore their intimacy, sexual relations, and arousal.

This can be achieved through dialogue and activities that abate the stress or anxiety that causes impotence.

Another cure for impotence is simple behavior modification. This involves a positive outlook for your environment, yourself, your performance and even your partner; these small changes can bring about a lot of improvement. To achieve this, here are a couple recommended guidelines:

Perform a little reality check including a check on your individual situation, your current circumstances with your partner, and your relationship.Have a discussion with your partner to make things easier and lighter. It will ease some of the psychological pressure and at the same time, help you feel more confident that there is someone who listens to you.

MY take on impotence:

The lifestyle you lead is very significant and it can have an effect on your penile health immensely, so do a check on your lifestyle. Just like looking after rest of your body, you should also take care of your penis.

Tone down your fat, alcohol and nicotine or tobacco consumption. Eat healthier and try to do some exercises. If you still have more concerns, then it’s time that you should seek professional advice from a trained therapist or doctor.


If you need additional assistance overcoming or preventing impotence, I recommend the PenisHealthTM exercise program. Besides enlarging your penis it keeps your sexual organ healthy and energized by escalating blood flow and naturally stimulating growth of new tissue.

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