Monday, September 20, 2010

BUSTED: Biggest online penis enlargement scam

3news reports that Penis enlargement scam pillsan international investigation has uncovered that two men from New Zealand have behind the world’s biggest penis enlargement spamming operations. The pair received huge fines under the new anti-spamming law.

The leader of the spam group ? Shane Atkinson ? was fined $100,000 by a High Court, while his partner ? Roland Smits ? received a $50,000 fine.

They were sending millions of e-mails daily the name ‘Herbal King’, selling alleged penis enlargement medication.

They have made it in the news not only because their business was the largest pharmaceutical operation in the history of the internet but they are also the first to be punished under the new law which seeks to eliminate spam.

Here the list of product names under which the phony penis enlargement pills from Herbal King were marketed:

Alias V.E.P. Virility Enlarge PillsPower Gain+, MaxGain+VPXLMansterExpress HerbalsElite HerbalMaxHerbalMaxGentlemanDr.MaXman and others

One of these pills were analyzed by Simon Cox on BBC‘s Radio Show “The Investigation”, back in December 2007. The conclusion were that the penis enlargement pills had no active ingredients thus they were useless.

The spammers used a clever distribution of their business to avoid being uncovered. They products were produced in India and commercialised through a company in the Mauritius, while their spam servers were located in New Zealand.

To avoid spam filters, the emails only contained domain names that redirect to a destination site where naive victims were defrauded through sale and delivery (or sometimes nondelivery) of counterfeit drugs, and annexation of their personal information to be used in future fraud.

The spam group was finally uncovered by an investigator living in Denmark. He set a trap by ordering the male enhancement pills and then hiding a tracking code in the order form.

The code did it’s job and he successfully obtained the IP address of the computer. This marked the beginning of the end of an operation which flipped over hundreds of thousands of dollars, and was responsible for producing half of the world’s total spam emails at one point.

At the time of the group’s arrest, they were also being pursued by the Federal Trade Commission in the US ? who has seized related assets and banks accounts.

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