Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SizeGenetics – Results or Scam?

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When you go to the website for the SizeGenetics Penis Extender, you will see nothing but positive testimonials and a nicely designed site.?

For some things, this would be a red flag that there was some BS going on here.??

I am here to tell you that we can cut through all the hype and tell you one simple thing, it works.?

To put it simply, the SizeGenetics Extender makes use of the method that is behind medical traction.?That is putting steady and balanced stretching tension on an area of tissue to cause the growth of new tissue.?It is really just as simple as that.?

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This is not to say that you can just reach down and stretch your penis a little each day and make it grow, permanently, anyway.?The device that?SizeGenetics has developed is designed to put steady, balanced pressure on the penis to cause the tissue cells to split and grow new tissue, the same as medical traction.

When you go on line to various blogs and forums on this subject, you will see that this method is the highest recommended of all methods.?You will also see that the?SizeGenetics Extender is recommended the most of the products that are designed to give you results by means of stretching.??

Do not let all the positive hype make you think that the product is some sort of scam.?? In many cases this may be true, but we have done our homework and this is not the case with the?SizeGenetics Extender.?

To learn more today, just read our SizeGenetics Review?and you will see what I mean.

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