Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 things you don’t know about your penis

1. Your first erection took place while you were still were in your mother’s womb. Male fetuses can sport wood during the third trimester, according to Ultrasound tests. Hey… boys will be boys!

2. The “mushroom” shape of the penis acts as “semen displacement device” concluded tests led by Prof. Gordon Gallup. The shape of the penis enables males to scoop out the semen of their competitor and substitute it with their semen. In the end, it’s all about perpetuation of the specie.

3. Diphallasparatus is a medical condition affecting the penis, which triggers the growth of two or more penises. The first case was documented in 1609, by an Italian physician this ultra-rare condition has since been found in less than 80 men…

4. Cowper’s gland is situated internally at the base of your penis. It’s role is to secrete a pre-ejaculate colorless fluid which lubricates the urethra for sperm to pass through and it neutralizes traces of urine in the urethra, which could kill some of the sperm.

5. The penis is more muscle than you think! Studies published by in The Journal of Urology in 2004 suggest that the average penis can contain up to 50% smooth muscle.

6. These smells are very likely to give you a boner: licorice, pumpkin pie, lavender, donuts, and chocolate.

7. In ancient times, men would swear on their own penises. The word “testify” is derived from a Roman legal practice of swearing on one’s testicles.

8. Human males have the largest penises, in relation to the size of the body, than any other mammal.

9. You have an average of 11 erections during the day and an average of 9 erections during the night.

10. The most effective way of enlarging your penis is living a healthy lifestyle (quit smoking, start exercising, lose weight) coupled with penis exercises and using a penis extender.

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