Monday, September 20, 2010

Natural penis enlargement is proven possible on Channel 4!

Earlier this year, renowned reporter Tim Shaw decided to find out if natural penis enlargement was indeed possible. After all many men want to find out if they could acquire the dream of having a thicker, longer, more powerful penis… and Tim was no different!

And then Tim discovered that penis enlargement WAS possible!

On his programme ‘Extreme Male Beauty’ (as seen on the UK’s Channel 4) Tim Shaw decided to investigate a number of penis enlargement methods, including the SizeGenetics base device itself and penis exercises, as featured in the Penis Health programme which is available as part of the SizeGenetics Ultimate System.

“Check that out! And the new one now measures in at 8 stonking inches.. yes!”

“I don’t think I’m 8 inches…hell… I KNOW I’m 8 inches.”

Tim Shaw, Extreme Male Beauty, Channel 4

In his celebrated programme, in which Tim Shaw constantly pursues the methods to become “a real man”, he decides to make a before and after cast of his penis so that he can accurately measure the gains he makes.

His penile gain results are shocking! After trying the various methods he goes on to earn over a 1/2 inch gain in length in only 2 weeks!

A 1/2 inch gain in length in only 2 weeks!”

Through a dedicated penis enlargement program, Tim was able to give himself an 8 inch penis for his wife to enjoy!

In addition, Tim was over the moon that he managed to discover what he referred to as the ‘holy grail’ and became one step closer to being the perfect man he longed to be.

Now it’s your turn! With such strong proof as this there is no need to wait any longer, so order today and start your journey to penile perfection using the SizeGenetics program.

2) SizeGenetics is referred to as the “Rolls Royce of penis enlargement” by celebrated BBC personality Jonathan Ross.

3) SizeGenetics is endorsed by GQ Magazine writer James Mullinger when he grew his penis past the 7 inch mark within only 4 months.

Finally the media are getting behind penis enlargement as a genuine alternative to surgery. Gains of up to 2-3 inches are common for most dedicated SizeGenetics users.

Imagine being able to do what Tim has done; secretly enlarge your penis in a short amount of time and give your partner the surprise of their life when you fill them up with your massive penis.

Once you have your bigger penis, you will be able to gently push into your lover, feeling a new tightness wrapped around your member. As you push deeper than you have ever been before, don’t be surprised when your partner gasps for air and shudders with surprise as she begins to realise what a bigger penis REALLY means.

Due to its appearance on the programme, and because it has received raved reviews from its users, we can only recommend SizeGenetics as the perfect way to enlarge your penis.

SizeGenetics has over 13,000 satisfied customers… whose success stories you can read RIGHT NOW at SizeGenetics testimonial page!

Two different packages to order:

The SizeGenetics device is available either as a stand alone unit or with the powerful PenisHealth exercise programme to supplement it.

The device, as featured on Channel 4’s Extreme Male Beauty, was used by Tim Shaw himself as he went on the mission to find the ultimate solution to finding a larger penis.

For that little bit extra, you can order to The SizeGenetic Ultimate Package, which comes complete with 100% online access to, a PenisHealth exercise DVD and access to LoveCentria, the internet number 1 online love making guide.

This really is a package for the ultimate romantic or bedroom stud! Order today and start entering a new level of male dominance!

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