Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to achieve the title of PERFORMER in bed?

If you’re feeling down about your orgasms, then you really shouldn’t just accept defeat and carry on with your life feeling frustrated.

There are so many things you can potentially do to have more powerful orgasms and ejaculate more; the problem is that most of them only offer you very minor improvements.

The fact is that there are all sorts of diets and exercises you can do, but most of them will only give you a few % extra when it comes to your orgasms, which isn’t going to be an earth shattering difference to you.

What you need is something that can dramatically increase the amount you ejaculate AND increase the power of your orgasms ? without having to waste your time or spend huge amounts of money.

When you see porn stars have orgasms, they ejaculate huge amounts and their climax is very powerful. If you’re struggling to recreate this when you have sex, you should definitely check out the Performer5 pills. These are extremely well known and used by many porn stars to increase the power of their orgasms, and help in other areas (that we’ll get to later).

If you want to give your sexual partners the best sex of their life, then these pills could be the most important step you ever take. From a completely objective standpoint, people are often sceptical of these “miracle” pills and other products that promise so much.

However, very few of them are like Performer5, because these pills are backed up by evidence and are proven to work. Just take a look at one testimonial from a happy customer:

“Not only has Performer5? helped me to achieve 2 times more ejaculate, but my erections are rock solid and my confidence has risen three-fold.?“

In order to have more powerful orgasms, your body needs specific nutrients that you won’t often find in your normal diet. You may find one or two of these nutrients in other enhancement pills, but you won’t find them ALL, and that’s extremely important.

The team that created the Performer5 pills spent years testing the different nutrients and coming up with the most potent combination that they can find. This means that the pills are incredibly powerful, and their effectiveness is far greater than any of the competition. If you take a look at the ingredient list, it immediately becomes clear just how powerful these pills are:

Creatine Monohydrate 35mgMucuna Pruriens Extract 25mgAlpha-glucosidase 25mgNettle Leaf Powder 10mgDMAE Bitartrate 5mg

Not only will these pills increase the amount you ejaculate, they’ll also increase the power with which you do it. That means you’ll be able to shoot your load like all the greatest porn stars, and leave your girlfriend begging for more. These pills don’t mess around. They’ve been tried and tested, and you’re not going to find anything more powerful.

The pills also give you a healthier sexual appetite and harder erections ? what more could you ask for? There’s a great deal packed into these tiny pills, and you really shouldn’t miss out on the things they offer you.

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