Friday, September 24, 2010

Beckham Gets His Penis Grapped by Italian Reporter

Moments after telling an Italian reporter that what he liked about Milan was “Everything. People have been incredible to me around the city.” Footballer David Beckham was assaulted by a blonde glove-wearing assailant.

In an effort to verify Victoria Beckham’s claim that her husband lived up to his nickname “Goldenballs”, the offending woman grabbed at Beckham’s nether regions in a surprise attack.

“I want to find out how big his testicles are!” exclaimed Italian journalist Elena Di Cioccio, as she groped the star.

Apparently finding that the reality of Beckham’s manhood didn’t live up to the impressive package seen in his Armani underwear ads, Di Cioccio then ran down the street screaming “E piccolo, Beckham” ? Italian for “Beckham is small.”

Not letting the matter drop, Di Cioccio was caught on film running alongside Beckham’s car, repeatedly shouting “You’ve taken us for a ride! How could you, David!”, before returning to her camera crew for Italia1′s The Hyenas and stating “Mmm, my God. I touched his balls.”

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