Monday, September 27, 2010

Penis enlargement device – Wow Willy – to be sold in London shops

London selfridges wow willy penis enlargement device When asked how she plans on a selling a new penis enlargement device in London’s Selfridges store, the manager of sales, Jojo Kovacs, takes a much more direct route. She says she will just walk right up and ask whether or not they have “a small one?”

The device she’s speaking of, which sells for around £250, is actually called “Wow Willy”; it was designed by the married couple who runs the company Harley Fit. The husband and wife business team specialize in weight loss, body scans, and other similar areas of personal health.

The co-owner of Harley Fit, Michael Udo, has clinics in both Harley Street and Selfridges. When asked a little more about why they wanted to market a penis enlargement device, he replied, “We originally planned on marketing a new breast treatment but decided it was about time we did more stuff for the guys out there.”

So he “did some research, found the device and simply rebranded it,” he says. The penis enlargement device being marketed and sold by Harley Fit is called the “Wow Willy”.

The general design is a base, the springs, and a silicone band. When worn, it effectively lengthens the penis, and can even be easily concealed by pants, while the wearer is either walking or sitting down.

The physician who invented the original design, Dr. de Diego, elaborates on how the device function a little more succinctly than many have heard in reference to exactly how a device enlarges the penis.

In his own words, “When placed under a constant and progressive force of traction, tissues in the penis adapt to this force by growing. The growth is simply achieved through natural cellular multiplication.”

None of that scientific talking over your head, with exponential syllables, ?a simple answer that makes sense, and can easily be utilized by men every day.

Aside from the more modern research on the subject, the traction penis contraption has been used throughout history as well. For example, the Giraffe women in Burma, who are able to stretch their necks to incredible lengths, using the same basic principles of traction.

The Wow Willy device has potential in being used not only for penis enlargement, but also to treat Peyrone’s Disease, a state in which there is painful curvature of the penis. The device can also stop post-surgical penile retraction.

The first reaction most men have in hearing or reading about a device like this is a wince, and wondering how much, if at all, a penis enlargement device that uses traction, straightening and stretching, will hurt. Excellent question: according to Wow Willy’s producers, Jon, 20, has been testing the deivce for six weeks, and claims that he’s gained half an inch in length since.

The developer of the device, Dr. de Diego, states that men using the enlargement device can expect up to a 1.5 cm gain in girth, and up to 4 cm in length gain, after only six months of treatment, provided of course that the individuals use the device regularly. The tester, Jon, states that there are ways around soreness, and sensitivity to the device.

He explains his methods, using a plaster before he loops it in, because it reduces soreness. Jon also claims that the initial pain gradually disperses as his muscles adapt to the device. When asked whether or not there has been any change in his performance, he responds positively, that he has both an increase in stamina and larger erections, as well as increased confidence.

If you think perhaps you have to be younger with more pliable skin, to make this product work for you, think again. Another man, Richard, is 31 and has been testing the device for four months. He claims that he’s gained almost two more inches.

As far as discomfort goes, Richard claims that for the first couple of hours wearing it, there is some feeling of discomfort, but after massaging his penis, the feeling dissipates and is relieved. Richard also claims to have a more vigorous sex life, with more energy, stamina, and even better orgasms.

Some people however, still assert that penis enlargement devices that employ stretching and traction in order to lengthen, and create more girth in the penis, are temporary solutions. Dr. Suks Mikhas claims that “…to stretch natural tissue permanently is very difficult ? it is likely the device only stretches the overlaying tissues and when the device is no longer used, it will go back.

“On the other hand, many clinical studies of similar devices have shown that after six months, and up to a year, there has been no diminishment of size after a patient discontinues use of the device.

Men worldwide are trusting in the Wow Willy to get bigger love tools. Customers will read facts, compare, and make choices that appeal, as well as make sense. According to Richard, the more than satisfied customer of the Wow Willy, “Size matters. It’s like a car or a house. If any guy could get a bigger penis overnight, would they say no?”

As the owner of Selfridges admited himself, the device was actually designed by Dr Eduardo A Gomez de Diego. The urologist markets his original design under the name “SizeGenetics“; which is only a shade more serious.

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