Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Penis size: what is average?

Average penis size measuring In a study conducted and made public by BMC Women’s Health, it was concluded that women found width not length as the most imperative aspect of the penis in regards to sexual stimulation.

Actually, a woman’s most sensitive part is at right at the entrance of the vagina - that is just about ten centimeters or four inches inside.

The vagina is partitioned by flexible elastic folds of mucous membrane skin that enlarge or contract assisted by the pelvic muscles to match the penis size.

Consequently, if a woman is well aroused she will have her pubic muscles expand or shrink to accommodate practically any penis size… big or small!

In some clinics, measuring of penis size was flawed because since the flaccid penis was stretched to the furthest comfortable length. Others that are done by men themselves are undependable because gentlemen would always testify to a bigger size than the actual one.

“The Definitive Penis Size Survey” states that the standard size is 5.6″ for modest, 6.4″ for average, and 7.1″ for endowed. The erect circumference is 4.6″ for modest, 5.0″ for average, and 5.4″ endowed.

Many visitors of the site, just like you, are more concerned about the length of their erect penis. It’s also a good idea to measure from the side of it because it is what most researchers use in measuring the “average penis size”.

The first step is to ensure a 100 percent erection is achieved or what you might regard as the “most erect” size. You should then place the measuring device next to the penis below the tip and faintly pushing your pubic bone.

Determine to the closest millimeters and its imperative not to emphasize the outcome, in any case you should cut a few millimeters in your final results.

Ensure your penis is fully erect before you start and then go on with your measuring. Grip it in front of you making sure it is corresponding with the floor. Using the other hand, put the tape measure around the penis and don’t make it tighter than necessary. You don’t have to be average.

Say the results is an average size and you are still not satisfied about that, go on and enlarge your penis… you have nothing to lose!

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