Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Penis enlargement surgery… the only way? reports that a man in his late thirties baffled doctors at a clinic in Moscow when he asked them to reduce the size of his schlong.

The 40-year-old had phalloplasty (penile enlargement surgery) back in February. Later, he changed his mind and now wants doctors to reverse the operation and bring him back to his original size.

It’s reported that Konstantin F., who had his member extended from 15cm to 25cm, complained to doctors that several women had left him since he had the enhancement, because intercourse was becoming painful.

The practice of penis enlargement surgery is an uncommon way for men who are dissatisfied with their endowment. Unfortunately, it is expensive, intrusive, and dangerous in many ways. Serious complications can result that will leave you worse off than you were before.

Phalloplasty, as it is scientifically referred to, is the process of reshaping the penis through surgical means. There are several ways of accomplishing this task.

To increase length, the surgeon will detach the ligament that connects your penis from your pubic bone. This will enable your penis to extend farther from your pelvis, but it will cost you in terms of the angle of your erection as well as your control of it.

Usually, the maximum effect that can be obtained through surgical means are an additional inch to two and a half inches of length and a possible 50% increase in girth, but your initial penis size will determine what can be done by your surgeon. In terms of girth, there are a number of options.

A surgeon can transfer fat tissue extracted from elsewhere in your body to your penis, or skin tissue. Both of these methods require a procedure to remove the tissue before it is implanted ? either liposuction or a skin flap removal. In addition, a product called AlloDerm is available ? consisting of processed cadaver tissue (yuck!), it is less invasive but carries the threat of rejection.

There isn’t much scientific consensus on which method is “best,” however. Most complications come from excess scar tissue from the incision and surgery. If you do take the plunge, find a surgeon who uses a laser-assisted method to reduce this potentially serious problem. It’s even possible for this scarring to reduce your length ? not the desired outcome.

Overall, surgical penis enlargement has a 6% infection rate, which can lead to even more serious problems.

With the fat transfer method, your penis can also end up looking irregular and lumpy, and the biggest inconvenience with any surgical penis enlargement method is the long recovery time before you can use it for what God intended. In addition, a possible chance of hematoma is present in any surgery.

The cost of these procedures is also a major issue ? they can range anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000. In addition, patients seeking additional surgery recur at a staggering 5% rate, indicating that the process is far from fully satisfying.

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