Monday, September 20, 2010

Women want a big penis? Lady Gaga sure does!

The fast rising star of pop, Lady Gaga, doesn’t hold anything back! When interviewed recently in Australia, she was asked what she likes most in men. Rather than spew the usual crap about romance, a sense of humour, and so on, Lady Gaga said exactly what was on her mind.

The size of a guy’s tool is what turns her on: and right on, it’s about time someone in show biz got serious, and was halfway honest.

While some find it rude and appalling, many more find the honesty sexy, and refreshing. Lady Gaga also says that one of her favourite past-times, is making love to her own music. Also, very sexy, since her music is usually pretty insinuative. The gorgeous Lady Gaga loves to screw, and loves men who are well hung. If that’s not encouraging, then what is?

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