Sunday, October 3, 2010

World’s most expensive penis extender? … $35,000

Gold penis extender A wealthy Saudi Arabian businessman put in a special order for what could easily be the most impressive male enhancement device in the world.

It bears resemblance to products made for world leaders and the incredibly wealthy. It’s fashioned out of solid 18kt gold, and is undoubtedly the most expensive novelty item ever bought, sold, or produced.

A medical device production company out of Canada called X4 Labs, had been chosen to create this unusual product. They would work hand in hand with Montreal custom Jewelers to fashion the “Hilton” of all male enhancement products…?

With an unbelievable price of $35,000, it is over nine times the cost of a typical medical traction device. The incredible order required a bezel set with more than dozens full diamonds and rubies, and a solid gold base structure.

The name of this Saudi Arabian national is to be kept confidential as indicated by the manufacturer of this device. As stated by Frank Clementine, “Our customers are always granted the utmost privacy, however; we are extremely pleased to have been selected to develop this device.”

Whether or not this trend will take off, continued manufacturing of such custom products and novelties is something X4 Labs has every intention of up keeping.

This occurrence has proven to Product coordinator Matt West that there is a market for luxurious enhancement devices. He states, “Whether it be dictators, politicians, oil rich middle easterners, or successful businessmen, they are willing to pay good money to spoil themselves.”

The male ego is tender and selfish, and must be stoked and attended to as much as possible; $35,000 could become the ultimate market for companies like X4 Labs to cater to.

This purchase shows that not everyone is completely effected by the economic downturn, and that some people are still have plenty of funds available to afford such decadent purchases. This enhancement item was definitely the most expensive ever manufactured and for the adult novelty business, this was certainly a first.

Laws in Saudi Arabia prohibit the purchase or import of such novelties, but the X4 Labs product is essentially a medical device and is FDA Registered and CE Certified.

The device has since been utilized by doctors in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Delivery of the $35,000 device was highly protective and secure, being delivered with an armored vehicle.

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