Friday, October 1, 2010

What Psychological Benefits Derive from a Bigger Penis?

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Did you know that your face is an open book to most women?? Some ladies know the size of your bank account and the size of your penis with one quick glance.? Nothing can be kept secret from them.? If you have a small penis, you know that after one look, these women walk away.? Failure after failure to add to the many failures you have experienced before.? Each failure leaves a telltale trace on your face that a woman can detect.?

If you project a lack of self confidence, by having a glum look and walk hunched over, a woman will notice this immediately.? But, if you have your chest out, your shoulders broad, and a swagger in your walk, most women will perk up and smile.? You may not catch them all, but you will get all the ones you want, trust me.? And what will increase your confidence more than a big penis?? If you know that what you have is will satisfy any woman, you will stroll along with je ne c’est quoi and women will take note that you surely have what it takes.

A big penis will make you bristle with genuine confidence that attracts women.? They will think that if you seem that confident, you must have something interesting to make you that way.? They will want to learn your secret.

If you are anxious and have no self-confidence and are worried that women will laugh when they see how small your penis is, you are the man penis enlargement was designed for. ?Once you stop worrying about your penis size, your anxiety will disappear and the women will begin to appear.

There are no downsides to having a larger penis that I know of as long as you don’t get too big.? Nine or ten inches is being greedy and can hurt a woman.? Stop with a manly eight inches and the women will moan with satisfaction.? You will gain more stamina, more confidence, and more pleasure for you and your partner.? You will be able to better control your ejaculation so that you can keep the love making going on for what seems like forever.? With your rock-hard erection, you will be able to give your woman as many orgasms as she can possibly handle and leave her begging for more.? Your anxiety and low self-confidence will be a distant memory.? Every woman will stare at the bulge in your pants with desire.? Your bulge will be the envy of every man.? You will never have to worry about getting women again.

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