Friday, October 1, 2010

Does Penis Size Matter to Women?

The flat out answer guys, is “yes“. Countless polls have been conducted online indicating the answers of hundreds of women, and there have been some interesting results.

Not only does size matter, but one poll indicated more interesting things about women though of penis size:

Women care less about penis size if the man they’re with has “relationship potential.”

Men with more in penis girth than in length are a close second in women’s size preferences.

The better the guy’s character, the less size matters.

Out of 200 women taking a poll, 125 answered that it was important that penis size is not too small.

Most women seem to agree that a small penis can be as big as 4 to 6 inches.

The majority of women do not talk honestly to men about penis size.

Women who claim to prefer smaller penises do not enjoy sex as much as women who prefer larger penises.

Women would rather sleep with a guy with average looks with a large penis, than a hot guy with a small penis; indcating that looks are less important than penis size.

Most women agree that a confident, good looking guy with a small penis is more attractive than an insecure guy with good looks and a larger penis.

A study, conducted by the Groningen University Hospital, questioned 375 women involved in an heterosexual relationship the relevance of penis size and concluded:

“Although clearly in the minority, a nevertheless considerable percentage of the women respondents attached substantial importance to the size of the male sexual organ”.

So when it comes to the occasional fling, size matters, ?in a real relationship, not so much. I asked an online female friend what she thought on the subject, and she says:

“The size matters to me, but I don’t like it to be too big either. 6-8 inches is the size range I prefer. I don’t think penis size is that big of a deal in a real, long-term relationship, because eventually, through experimentation and practice, you find something that works. Most women won’t say anything bad about smaller guys because they’re dating or sleeping with one, or because they’re hung up on thinking girls who like big dicks are “slutty” or loose.”

Makes sense, women are very critical of the behavior of other women. When a guy was asked whether size matters to women, and why, he said:

“In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think much matters if you find someone attractive and interesting and they make you feel good. Realistically, there isn’t going to be much difference in the pleasure shared between two people whether it’s a 5 inch or a 7 inch penis, or an average to slightly-thick girth for the most part. People have a physical type they think they prefer. Love and lust don’t have a preference.”

A 2005 Internet survey of 52,031 heterosexual men and women found only 55% of participating men were satisfied with their penis size, whereas 85% of participating women said they were “very satisfied” with the size of their partner’s penis, and only 6% of women rated their partner as smaller than average.

Another great point; if a woman is in love, that is, has genuine feelings for a man, penis size is definitely not going to matter; if it does, the woman will be more likely to think of constructive ways to make sex better. In terms of lust, ?if she’s absolutely gotta have it, then she’s probably not going to care so much about size.

Another study, conducted at Groningen University Hospital, asked 375 sexually active women (who had recently given birth) the importance of penis size and concluded: “Although clearly in the minority, a nevertheless considerable percentage of the women respondents attached substantial importance to the size of the male sexual organ”Tagged as: penis size, studies, what is the average penis size, women

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