Friday, October 1, 2010

Help! How do I Make my Penis Bigger and Larger?

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A question a lot of guys ask is “how do I make my penis bigger and larger?

Your worries may probably be because you have been hearing or reading a lot about what women want and desire, especially if you feel you are less endowed.

What are the benefits of having a larger penis? Is it safe? If it is, then how to enlarge your penis?

Among the more popular penis enlargement exercises are penis milking or jelquing, Kegel exercises, ballooning, and weight hanging. All of these exercises center on increasing the blood flow to the penis, causing the organ to increase in size eventually. The following exercises do more than increasing the penis size totally, but some have their strengths in either lengthening the penis or making the diameter wider.

Penis milking is done by constricting the blood flow to the penis and doing a milking motion up and down the shaft, trying to work the circulation into all of the tissue. Repeated exercises of this will yield good results.

Kegel exercises practice stopping of urine flow. These muscles are also the same that control the ejaculation of sperm. By constricting their flow for a few moments, you are training those muscles to be strong and to expand.

Ballooning is holding back your orgasm, thereby increasing the flow of testosterone in the body, and promoting penis enlargement.

Weight hanging must be done with caution. This process literally hangs desired weights onto the penis to make it stretch. Doing this for several minutes, several times a day will eventually train the tissue to expand to a larger size.

A lot of women really admit that penis size does matter in lovemaking ? not only the length but the diameter as well. The average size for males is about six inches long and about five inches in diameter. Women enjoy above average sizes for both fellatio and sexual intercourse because it gives them the full satisfaction of envelopment. Although average sizes work for most women, having the extra “muscle” would be a treat for them.

Now that you know all this, the next time somebody asks you on “how to enlarge?my penis”, you can answer them by showing how to do it the safe and natural way.

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