Sunday, October 3, 2010

Make Your Penis Look Bigger Quickly and Easily

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It has been observed that two men with same erection length have different flaccid size of their penis. It may sound embarrassing because most of the people don’t measure their penile length in the locker room. The flaccid penile length can be increased with a proper penile exercise done in the correct way.

For some people it may be odd to hear but this is a fact that the flaccid penile length can be increased. Let’s see how!

To increase the flaccid length of your penis, you need to ponder the following tips:

Remove the pubic hair completely around the organ and make the skin smooth. Instead of using a shaving razor, a hair removing cream or lotion is more appropriate as they soften the skin as well. Also remove the hair from the skin above the penis where pubic and the penis meet for half- inch up. Repeating this simple procedure will make your penis look bigger in flaccid state.Whenever you want to make your penis look bigger in flaccid state, take some short Jelq strokes before exposing your penis. It is often not very difficult to find a room and get a bit privacy where you need to expose your penis. It will take you only a few seconds to push the blood into your penis and make your penile length appear increased.If you loose your weight, your penis will look automatically bigger because the fat around the pubic bones make the penis appear shorter. Loosing weight can cause up to one inch increase in penile length without any special effort.Impotency problems are often treated with constriction rings (often called cock rings) that trap the blood in the penis and maintain erections. Buy some adjustable constriction ring to increase your flaccid penile length. Normally the ring that encircles the penis as well as scrotum is more effective.

Using Constriction Ring Properly:

Since the ring controls the flow of blood into the penis, you need to take more care of your penis while using the constriction ring. To get the proper benefits from the ring, you must use it accurately. Hold your penis in your hand in such a way that it looks bigger without erection. Now put it on and keep it loose to allow the inward flow of blood. This will slow down the flow of blood. The use of ring helps the penis to retain more blood even in flaccid state and thus making the penis to appear larger. This will also train the penis to hold a greater volume of blood at all times. This method is best with pants on and you will find great help in grabbing the “big package” appearance. .

For fast growth, take some penile enlargement pills. You will find a good flaccid size with the use of a good supplement in just a few days. Pills stimulate penis to let more blood pass though it. You will look like holding much more in your pants.

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