Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ballooning and the German pull: 2 penis enlargement exercises you probably didn’t hear about

penis exercise ballooningBallooning is another technique that is reported to provide a huge erection, more length and a thicker penis. This method is also often used to keep ejaculation at bay for a longer period of time. The first bit of instruction for beginning with ballooning, is basically just learning how to make your erection last a lot longer.

With success, you’ll be able to keep ejaculation and orgasm at bay for up to three, to five times longer, when masturbating or having intercourse. To begin, while the penis is erect, start massaging the shaft, going up to the head, then down to the base and groin area, then to the scrotum to provide more blood release.

When holding back from orgasm, this procedure will provide the body with more testosterone. During the process try holding back from orgasm at least three to five times and then allow yourself to climax.

The German pull

Using the German’s technique will get easier over time and getting accustomed to actually doing the exercise. Do the German technique once per day, then begin doing it every other day.

1. Sit in a cozy chair and lay back just a little so that you’re comfortable.

2. Hold the penis right behind the glans (head), so that you’re holding it between thumb and bent index finger. Slowly stretch your penis as far as it can comfortably, in the way your erection is “pointing”.

3. Squeeze the PC muscle (pull penis in the direction of the body and) in the mean time stretch hand (you can also be slightly tilting penis as it increases the pulling).

4. Now hold this position, to the maximize tension, for just a moment.

5. Slowly relax the PC muscles, maintain the pulling of the hand, just until it has been stretched out fully and is in the same position.

6. Keep on repeating until you’ve done the exercise twenty times.

7. Do another set now and increase the resistance so that you can only do it fifteen times. Keep on repeating every little set, until you’re at the point of total exertion of the muscles.

Now, compile the sets, holding your penis in the start position, then keep on stretching until it’s stretched as far as it can go; then repeat twice more. Hold this position for one minute more each time. Now massage the penis a little until it’s soft and relaxed.

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